Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Winter 2023


This Bible study will examine some of the passages in the bible that deal with creation with a focus on Genesis 1 and 2. Although these passages are familiar to most people, there is a great deal of controversy over how they should be interpreted and what their relevance is for us today.

Come join the Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.

18 January                             Session One        

An overview of Genesis 1 and an examination of 4 controversies that affect how it is interpreted.

1 February                    Session Two                 

A closer examination of the literary structure of Genesis 1 and of the different possible ways it can be interpreted.

8 February                    Session Three

A look at Genesis: is this a more detailed account of the sixth day of creation or is it a completely different creation account?

15 February                  Session Four       

An examination of various passages from the Gospel of John, Proverbs, various Psalms, and Job. What do these passages have to say about the creation and God the Creator?

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