2024 the 125th Anniversary of All Saints

Steeped in the rich history of Selinsgrove and Snyder County, All Saints Episcopal Church has sat upon the corner of East Snyder and North Market Streets since the foundation was prepared in 1899.

Mary Kittera Snyder, our church’s foundress, was the great-niece of Major Anthony Selin for whom Selinsgrove was named, and granddaughter of Pennsylvania’s third Governor, Simon Snyder. After many years of turmoil and determination, Mary was able to set to work on a long-standing dream and began her work on All Saints.

The stained glass windows are a most notable feature and are rich in symbolism. Above the High Altar is a Gothic arch containing the symbols “ALPHA” and “OMEGA,” reminiscent of our Lord’s own words, “I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end.” Also depicted is the cross surmounted by the crown and palm branches, summarizing the records of saintly victory.

High Altar at Christmastime
The West end of the church at Christmastime

The great rose window at the west end of the church contains four large lozenges, or circular panels, with a dominant flower motif. These floral panes can be taken to symbolize Our Lady and they serve to remind us that, as we go forth into the world, it is our vocation to touch all things that they may blossom and flower to the glory of God.

The windows in the narthex, nave, and chancel contain no definite figures; their symbolism is in their colors. The deep turquoise and amethyst hues at the edges gradually blend into brighter shades of gold reminding us that the night is past and that God has brought us out of darkness into the light of the all-embracing love of His dear Son.

Windows in the narthex, nave, and chancel

The planning committee, consisting of Dena Gentner, Kathy Boushie, Janice Jones, Roberta Garlock, Terry Stahley, and Charles Knapp, is working on the plan to celebrate 125 years of being a part of the history of our beloved borough. On 2 November 2024, All Saints will be hosting a reception and presentation as well an open house and tours of the church.

All gifts will be recorded in the Gifts & Memorials Parish Record.

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