Wednesday Morning Bible Study

  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – September & October 2023
    The Epistles of 1 John and the Johannine Community The Johannine community was one of several sects of Christianity during the First and Second centuries. It was characterized by a very high Christology, emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and a rejection of the Bishop/Presbyter form of church government beginning to emerge in Christianity. In the epistles, we see a community … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2023
    Joseph’s Trouble by Wes King Joseph’s trouble started with a dream and a coat that was sewn with a colorful seam. The story of Jacob’s son Joseph is told in the last eleven chapters of Genesis. It’s a story of betrayal, deceit, hardship, triumph, and forgiveness; a story of God’s providence. This summer we will study the story of Joseph … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – April & May 2023
    The Resurrection, Christ’s & Ours The resurrection of Christ is central to the Christian faith, yet the Bible does not describe the actual resurrection. Whatever happened that Sunday morning is a mystery. What the Bible does describe is the discovery of the empty tomb and resurrection appearances to his followers. We will examine these stories and compare them to one … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Winter 2023
    Creation This Bible study will examine some of the passages in the bible that deal with creation with a focus on Genesis 1 and 2. Although these passages are familiar to most people, there is a great deal of controversy over how they should be interpreted and what their relevance is for us today. Come join the Bible Study Wednesday … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – September – November 2022
    1 Corinthians Paul founded the church in Corinth but discovers after he leaves that they have fallen into sin, error, and internal disputes. Paul writes this letter hoping to correct these problems. Come join the Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am. 14 September           Session One         Paul opens with friendly greetings and then rebukes them for divisions in … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2022
    Examining the Ten Commandments You may feel you are familiar with the Ten Commandments, but are you aware there are two different versions in the Bible? Did you know the prophet Ezekiel in one of his prophecies seems to contradict part of one of the commandments? Did you know when listing the Ten Commandments both Jesus and the apostle Paul … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – June 2022
    Exploring Our Lord’s Parables “All this Jesus said to the crowds in parables; indeed, he said nothing to them without a parable.” Matthew 13 May 25                Session One         Luke 8: 4 -15        The Parable of the Sower June 1                  Session Two                  Luke 10: 29-37     The Parable of the Good Samaritan June 8                  Session Three       Luke 16: 19 – … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Spring 2022
         The Book of Judges contains a diverse collection of stories set in the 13th and 12th centuries BCE.  In this period, the twelve tribes of Israel formed a very loose confederation.  These tribes, along with various Canaanite tribes occupied the inland hill-country of what is Modern Israel.  People known as “Philistines” dominated the coastal region.  The Philistines made frequent … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – February 2022
    Paul’s Letter to Timothy      The Second Letter of Paul to Timothy is the most intimate and personal of the epistles attributed to Paul.  It is addressed to a young man who had been a companion to Paul on many of his missionary journeys.  Like Paul, Timothy was a Jew who had a Greek or non-Jewish father.   He had a … Read more
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study – October-November 2021
    The Sermon on the Mount      In chapters five, six, and seven of Matthew’s gospel, we find a collection of the teachings of Jesus.  In these teachings, Jesus is challenging the people of that day to rethink their understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures.  He is speaking to a first-century Jewish audience.  Join us this fall as we revisit the “Sermon … Read more