When the World Said, “No”, God Said, “Yes”.

The neighbors in Nazareth said, “No”.  Mary, you’re an unwed mother, you can’t be here.

The relatives of Joseph in Bethlehem said, “No”.  Joseph you’re not welcomed into our homes.

The innkeeper in Bethlehem said, “No”.  Mary and Joseph, we have no room for you here.

On that first Christmas Eve, the world of darkness said, “No”.

On that first Christmas Eve, God said, “Yes”.  The True Light was coming into the world despite all the “No’s”.  The stable creatures made room, the donkey, the ox, the cow.  They provided a manger for the first cradle of Jesus.  The True Light, the boundless love of God, could not be denied entry.

That boundless love of God continues to shine, despite the contemporary darkness, in those who call Jesus, their Lord and Savior.  We people of faith are the Light of God who join with Mary and say, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord”.

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