Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Spring 2021

Elijah the Prophet

     For our Jewish friends, the Passover supper is the most important meal of the year.  It is known as the Seder.  At the table that evening there is always an empty chair and, on the table, an empty wine glass.  This place is reserved for Elijah who just might come in the door.  In anticipation of the prophet’s arrival, the door is left ajar.

     All through the year, the following is the closing prayer on Saturday evening at the close of the Sabbath —

“Elijah the prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah from Gilead

Let him come quickly in our day with the Messiah,

The Son of David     

This winter the Wednesday Morning Bible Study group is revisiting the stories of Elijah the prophet.  These stories are part of the history of the people of Israel as found in the Hebrew Scriptures.  The group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to noon.  Plan to join us for ninety minutes of lively discussion.

April 7            Session 1   

                   I Kings 17:1 – 24 Elijah Foretells a Drought

April 14          Session 2   

                   I Kings 18: 1 – 46 Contest with the Prophets of Baal

April 21          Session 3   

                   I Kings 19: 1 – 21 Encounter with Yahweh

April 28         Session 4   

                   I Kings 21: 1 – 29 Naboth’s Vineyard

May 5           Session 5   

                   II Kings 1 – 18     Elijah and King Ahaziah

May 12        Session 6   

                   II Kings 2: 1 – 18 Elijah Taken up to Heaven

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