Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2022

Examining the Ten Commandments

You may feel you are familiar with the Ten Commandments, but are you aware there are two different versions in the Bible?

Did you know the prophet Ezekiel in one of his prophecies seems to contradict part of one of the commandments?

Did you know when listing the Ten Commandments both Jesus and the apostle Paul only list five?

Which ones and why?

Come join the Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.

20 July                 Session One        

An overview of both versions of the Ten Commandments, how they differ, and how much difference it makes. An examination of the way different religious traditions understand and apply them as reflected in the different ways they enumerate them.

27 July                 Session Two                 

Examining the first four Commandments; our duty to God.

3 August              Session Three      

Examining the last six Commandments; our duty to our neighbors.

10 August            Session Four       

Jesus, Paul, and the Ten Commandments. Jesus puts a spin on them that makes them more difficult to keep.

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