Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2020

Saul, Israel’s First King

In the Old Testament, we find many stories of the key figures in the history of ancient Israel.  One of the most interesting of these is the story of Saul, the first king of Israel.  It is a story in which God changes His mind twice.  First, he allows Israel to have a king even though he had strictly forbidden them to do so.  And second, after he has chosen Saul to be their King, he decides to replace him with David.  God’s representative and spokesman through all of this is the prophet, Samuel.

Join us this spring as we revisit the biblical account of the reign of King Saul, the first monarch of Israel.  We gather every Wednesday morning from 10:30am to 12:00n in the parish hall. 

Session One: 17 June I Samuel 8: 1-22     The people ask God for a king

Session Two: 24 June I Samuel 9: 1-25 Saul meets Samuel

Session Three: 1 July I Samuel 9:26-10:27 “Long live the King”

Session Four: 8 July I Samuel 11:1-15 Defeat of the Ammonites

Session Five: 15 July I Samuel 12:1-24 Samuel’s Farewell Speech

Session Six: 22 July I Samuel 13:1-15 God has discovered, “A man after his own heart”

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