Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2019 (2)

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Summer 2019

The Book of Job

Guided by Bruce Johnson

          This summer the Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group will be reading and discussing some of the poems found in the Old Testament Book of Job.  In these poems, some of the great mysteries of our faith tradition are explored.  The central focus of the Book of Job is the nature of the relationship between God and humankind.  The mysteries of freewill, temptation, human suffering, and the influence of evil forces in the world are all explored in this collection of ancient poems.

          You are invited to join us as we gather for a hour of lively discussion and shared reflection on passages from the Book of Job.  The group meets at 10:30 on Wednesday mornings in the parish library.  Consider making this part of your spiritual life.

July 31        Session One                   Job, Chapters One and Two

                                                “Have you considered my servant Job,

                                                there is no one like him on earth!”

August 7     Session Two                  Job, Chapters Three and Four

                                                “Let the day parish in which I was born,

                                                and the night that said, ‘a man-child is


August 14   Session Three      Job, Chapters Four and Five

                                                “As for me, I would seek God,

                                                and to God I would commit my cause.”

August 21   Session Four       Job, Chapters Thirty-Five and Thirty-Six

                                                ‘Surely God is great and we do not know him;

                                                the number of his years are unsearchable.”

August 28   Session Five           Job, Chapters Thirty-Eight to Forty-One

                                                “Then the Lord answered Job out of the


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