Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Summer 2018

Parables of Grace

“Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing.”

Matthew 13: 34

In chapter 9 of Luke’s gospel we are told that Jesus “turned his face toward Jerusalem.”  As he traveled south from his native Galilee, he preached to many large crowds.  Luke tells us that during this journey he was often invited to dinner by Pharisees, tax-collectors and other wealthy people.  As he preached to the crowds and spoke to the guests at these dinners, Jesus told many stories.  We call these stories “parables.”  When people asked Rabbi Jesus questions he usually replied with a parable.

This summer we will be revisiting six of the most familiar parables.  We are indebted to Luke for these stories because they are not found in the other three gospels.   As we reflect on these parables, we will consider the reasons Jesus might have had for relying so heavily on parables to convey his message.  We will also consider why Luke included them in his gospel.

July 11:          Session One         Luke 10:21-42

The Good Samaritan

July 18:          Session Two        Luke 11:1-13

The Importunate Friend

July 25:         Session Three     Luke 12:13-34

The Very Rich Fool

August 1:       Session Four      Luke 14:1-24

The Great Banquet

August 8:      Session Five        Luke 16:1-15

The Crafty Stewart

August 15:    Session Six           Luke 16:19-31

The Rich Man and Lazarus

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