Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Spring 2022

     The Book of Judges contains a diverse collection of stories set in the 13th and 12th centuries BCE.  In this period, the twelve tribes of Israel formed a very loose confederation.  These tribes, along with various Canaanite tribes occupied the inland hill-country of what is Modern Israel.  People known as “Philistines” dominated the coastal region.  The Philistines made frequent forays into the hill country.  The main thing unifying the tribes of Israel during this turbulent period was the fact that they shared a common deity — Yahweh.

     The tribe of Dan occupied the northern-most portion of the hill country.  This tribe seems to have been surrounded by hostile Philistines.

     The colorful stories of Samson give us some insights into life during that chaotic period.

     The Wednesday Morning Bible Study group meets from 10:30 am to 12n in the parish hall.

April 27               Session One       Judges, Chapter 13   

The Story of Samson’s Birth

May 4                  Session Two       Judges, Chapter 14   

Sampson Falls in Love with a Philistine Girl

May 11                Session Three    Judges, Chapter 15

Sampson Destroys the Philistines’ Crops

May 18               Session Four      Judges, Chapter 16

Sampson and Delilah & Samson’s Heroic Death

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