Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Spring 2019

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Spring 2019

Absalom, Son of David

     David’s best know son was, of course, Solomon who succeeded his father as king of Israel.  However, David had another son who organized an armed rebellion against his father and came very close to seizing the throne.  This son’s name was Absalom.  The story of Absalom’s attempt to overthrow his father and be crowned king of Israel is one of the great epoch tales of the Hebrew Scriptures.

     This spring the Wednesday Morning Bible Study group will be reading and discussing the story of Absalom.  Together, they will explore the theological, ethical and psychological implications of this fascinating story.  This group meets in the parish library every Wednesday morning at 10:30. Plan to be part of it.

          May 1         Session One         II Samuel 13: 1-22

                                                         The Rape of Tamar

         May 8         Session Two         II Samuel 13: 23-38

                                                         Absalom’s Revenge

          May 15       Session Three       II Samuel 14: 1-24

                                                         Joab’s Scheme

         May 22       Session Four        II Samuel 14:28 – 15:12

                                                         The Attempted Coup D’état

         May 29       Session Five           II Samuel 15:13-29

                                                         David Flees Jerusalem

         June 5         Session Six           II Samuel 15:30-37; 16:1-19 & 17:1-16

                                                         Hushai, David’s Informant

         June 12       Session Seven      II Samuel 18:1 – 19:15

                                                         Absalom’s Defeat

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