Wednesday Morning Bible Study – September & October 2023

The Epistles of 1 John and the Johannine Community

The Johannine community was one of several sects of Christianity during the First and Second centuries. It was characterized by a very high Christology, emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and a rejection of the Bishop/Presbyter form of church government beginning to emerge in Christianity. In the epistles, we see a community facing internal divisions and a battle against heresy.

Come join the Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

6 September                  Session One        

An overview of the Johannine Community and a look at Chapter 1 of 1 John.

13 September                Session Two

Chapters 2 of 1 John, the importance of righteous living and love in the life of the believer and a warning about anti-Christs.

20 September                Session Three

Chapter 3, we are children of God and therefore should not sin but we should show love.

27 September                Session Four       

Chapter 4, how to know truth from error and the importance of the Holy Spirit and of love.

4 October                      Session Five        

Chapter 5, the importance of Faith in the Son of God and a final warning about sin.

11 October                    Session Six

2 John and 3 John are two short epistles of John that show that the divisions in the community are beginning to shatter its unity. More on keeping the faith and discerning truth from error.

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