Wednesday Morning Bible Study – September – November 2022

1 Corinthians

Paul founded the church in Corinth but discovers after he leaves that they have fallen into sin, error, and internal disputes. Paul writes this letter hoping to correct these problems.

Come join the Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.

14 September           Session One        

Paul opens with friendly greetings and then rebukes them for divisions in the church.

21 September                Session Two                 

Paul continues his rebukes for divisions in the church.

28 September                Session Three      

Paul continues his rebukes, this time for incest and suing one another in court.

12 October                       Session Four       

Paul mellows out a little and begins answering questions they had asked in a letter, first dealing with sex & marriage.

19 October                     Session Five                  

Paul answers questions about idols and the food offered to idols.

26 October                     Session Six

Paul gives instructions for proper worship.

2 November                     Session Seven     

Paul talks about spiritual gifts and how to properly use them. This includes the famous “Love Chapter”

9 November                      Session Eight

Paul explains the resurrection and says his goodbyes.

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