Wednesday Morning Bible Study – November 2023

The Fifth Gospel

The book of Isaiah has been called by Christians “The Fifth Gospel” because of the amazing prophecies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ found in four prophecies called the “Servant Songs”. Yet Judaism interprets these passages differently. In this Bible study, we will examine the four servant songs and compare Judaism’s and Christianity’s different interpretations.

Come join the Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

*After this Bible Study, we will take a break until after the New Year, as has been our tradition.*

8 November                   Session One        

A look at the background to the Book of Isaiah and an overview of prophecy. We will study the first two Servant Songs in chapters 42 and 49.

15 November                 Session Two

We will study the next two Servant Songs in chapters 50 and 52-53. We will discuss which of the two interpretations is most likely correct or whether both are equally possible.

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