Wednesday Morning Bible Study – May-June 2018

Joseph, the Dreamer

The first book of the Hebrew Scriptures is essentially a collection of stories. The book opens with the story of creation and ends with a very long story of how the descendants of Abraham ended up living in Egypt.  The final 20 chapters of the Book of Genesis consist of a collection of stories about the life of Joseph, Jacob’s beloved youngest son.  During the months of May and June the Wednesday Morning Bible Study group will be discussing six of these amazing stories.

You are invited to join the group as it reflects on the meaning of these ancient stories and the implications for our lives in the 21st century.  The Bible Study group meets in the parish library every Wednesday morning at 10:30.

Session 1    May 23   Genesis 30:1-22             The Birth of Joseph

Session 2    May 30   Genesis 37:1-18             Joseph and His Brothers

Session 3    June 6     Genesis 37:19 – 38:2    Joseph Sold to a Caravan

of Ishmaelites

Session 4   June 13    Genesis 39:1-20              Joseph Arrives in Egypt

Session 5   June 20   Genesis 39:21 – 40:23   Joseph in Prison

Session 6   June 27   Genesis 41:14-45             Joseph Enters the Pharoah’s Service

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