Wednesday Morning Bible Study – April & May 2023

The Resurrection, Christ’s & Ours

The resurrection of Christ is central to the Christian faith, yet the Bible does not describe the actual resurrection. Whatever happened that Sunday morning is a mystery. What the Bible does describe is the discovery of the empty tomb and resurrection appearances to his followers. We will examine these stories and compare them to one another to try to gain a better understanding of the resurrection.

Come join the Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.

19 April                         Session One        

A discussion of the importance of the resurrection of Christ to the beginning of the Christian faith. We will study a brief passage from Paul, then look at the resurrection accounts in the Gospel of Mark.

26 April                         Session Two                 

We will study the resurrection accounts in the Gospel of Luke and compare them to those in Mark, as well as Paul’s account.

10 May                          Session Three

We will study the resurrection accounts in the Gospel of Matthew. Then we will compare the accounts found in the synoptic gospels.

17 May                           Session Four       

Now we will study the resurrection accounts in the Gospel of John, which differ from the synoptic gospel accounts on several points.

24 May                          Session Five        

Finally, we will study chapter 15 of First Corinthians in which Paul discusses the resurrection in some detail. He talks about both Christ’s resurrection and our future resurrection. We will compare what Paul says to what is described in the four gospels.

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