UPDATE – Safe Worshiping Guidelines

The Executive Committee and the Vestry have reviewed the following response to the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania guidelines for our gathering for Sunday morning worship. 

A Revised Plan

  • All enter by the Market Street parish hall entrance (which is accessible by all).  Immediately inside the door will be a greeter who will record the individual’s name.  Hand sanitizer will also be positioned for all who enter.  Those whose contact information is not known will be asked to record the information on an attendance sheet.  The lower-level parish hall doors will have signage inviting all to proceed to the Market Street doors. 
  • A greeter will be at the entrance to the nave welcoming and handing our bulletins.  Disposal gloves will be available for those who wish them.
  • A box of tissues and a paper bag for disposal will be provided for each pew. 
  • The priest and a crucifer will process and recess for the opening and closing of the service and for the Gospel procession.  The priest will carry and hold the Gospel book while reading, keeping appropriate space from the crucifer. 
  • The altar party will be the priest and the crucifer only.  They will do the altar preparation, using hand sanitizer.
  • Communion will be consecrated while covered by a veil.  All who wish will receive one kind only (wafer) and receive by the pulpit.  (This eliminates the need to use the railing going up and down to the altar).  All receiving will use hand sanitizer before receiving and will be encouraged to do so by the crucifer who will be standing next to the hand sanitizer station at the head of the aisle. 
  • The following protocols will be in place: 
    • Masks may be worn.
    • Hand sanitizer is to be used by all just prior to communion.
    • Communion will be of one kind only.
    • As people approach for communion six feet of distancing needs to be observed.
    • Singing is permitted.
    • The Passing of the Peace will be observed by verbal response, and by remaining in the pew.
    • Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes will be available in the parish hall. 
  • The attendance sheet for those present will be stored in the office for future reference should the need arise for tracing purposes.

Paul C. Donecker, priest-in-charge

All Saints Episcopal Church, Selinsgrove

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