The Clydesdales

Local television news has shared with us the story of two Clydesdale horses, the breed that pulls the red Budweiser beer wagon, breaking out of their pasture, pushing down fences, and wondering on to a frozen lake in the Poconos. That frozen lake was not solid enough to hold these 1,500 lb horses and they fell through and could not free themselves. No one knows how long they were trapped until they were discovered and the lake community rallied to their aid.

The local fire company, with power saw, cut a channel to shore through the ice. The bridled horses were then guided to shore. Where they were greeted with warm blankets and warm hands that massaged their stiff legs. The community came together to bring these horses back to safety and health.

It took a loving community to accomplish the task of bringing the horses back. So it is with us, too, a community of loving people may bring us back to health and safety, time and time again when we wander off, somtimes through well meaning fences and trespass where we are not meant to be – to thin ice ponds. Thank God for the warm blankets and warm hearts that seek to guide us back to the shore of safety and to health

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