Show Up & Stand Up

It is hard to ignore the miracle of St. Peter’s transformation from a fearful man who denies even knowing Jesus of Nazareth in the courtyard of the high priest on Maundy Thursday to the leader of the early church.

As Peter & John continue joining in late afternoon prayers at the temple in Jerusalem, they encounter a lame man begging at the gate.  They respond, not by offering gold or silver, but by offering him the healing touch & inviting him in the name of Jesus, to stand & receive the gift of mobility.  Of course, a crowd gathers & Peter addresses them with words of forgiveness, similar to Jesus’s words from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.

In response to God’s raising Jesus from the Tomb, Peter stands up & continues the ministry of Jesus.

In the midst of a hostile environment, Peter showed up & stood up for Jesus.  I am pleased to be part of the congregation of All Saints, where members show up & stand up.  We show up for Sunday worship, for Wednesday Bible Study, for Thursday Lenten programs, & for all the parish chores that are needed.  Members also show up & stand up to enrich our Selinsgrove Area community – Martha’s Table, Meals on Wheels, Meals for Seals, County & Borough government, Library events, Commons gardening, & numerous community boards.

We show up & we stand up, & we offer a leading touch through day to day living.

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