Share our Goodness

The story of blind Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus, found in the gospel according to St. Mark, is one of my favorites.  Bart is one of the very few encounters of people along the way with Jesus that is identified by name.  Scholars suggest that this is because Bart became a disciple of Jesus and was known to the early community of faith.

Yet, before the leading story has an insight for us.  It seems that blind Bart knew of Jesus even before he encountered him on the Jericho Road.  How could this be?  Blind Bart must have heard of Jesus through other travelers, he must have heard of Jesus by word of mouth, Is was because of this blind Bart was able to call out to Jesus –

Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!”

This raises an important question for us – how often do we share our faith as we go about our daily routines?  How often do we speak to friends about the welcoming community here at All Saints?  How often do we invite people to join us at worship on Sunday morning, at Second Sunday at Six, for Wednesday morning Bible study, for wonderful community meals at Martha’s Table?

We are a well-kept secret that enriches and transforms our lives through worship, education, service, generosity, and conversation.  Let’s share our goodness and just maybe, God’s healing touch will be visited upon a blind Bart of our own time.

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