Saint Patrick

When God first startled him during a dream, inviting him to go back to where he lived as a slave for five years, he said, “No”. Yet after prayer and conversation with others this English bishop agreed. So back across the sea of Ireland went Patrick to the island of Ireland. For the next 30 years he walked the emerald isle, talking to anyone and everyone, kings in the castles and servants in the fields, about the God he knew.

He talked about God, the Father, creator of all; he talked about God, the Son, Jesus who we know through scripture; he talked about God, the Holy Spirit, that touches our hearts and our minds. To illustrate how our experiences of God are one – he used the 3 leaf green clover of Ireland. Patrick was also known to carve crosses on the ancient stones marking them sacred spaces and sacred springs affirming God’s presence.

His transition to the Kingdom of Heaven happened on 17 March 461, a long time ago. Yet, his life still speaks to us today.

He was challenged by God and said “yes”.

He shared God’s goodness and God’s good news to all he encountered.

He was tireless in his life of service to God’s people.

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