In the face of hometown skepticism and opposition, Jesus and his early disciples left Nazareth and set up a new home-base in Capernaum.  And as he sent out the disciples on their first missionary journey, he gave them their advise:

If any place will not welcome you…as you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet…  (Mark 6: 12)

This is good advice for our use of our talents, our time, and our treasure as well.  There will be times and places where what we have to offer will not be welcomed.  Rather than having us beat our heads against those doors, we too, may need to move on to where we will be welcomes.  There are plenty of avenues for ministry in this world of ours and we need to extend our vision beyond our current, sometimes confining, situation.

My grandmother’s wisdom comes to mind:

Where one door closes another always opens.  Keep your eyes open to the new possibility.

No matter where we find ourselves along the winding path of life, there will always be opportunities to share the grace of God, to share the love of God.

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