Mission of God

The story of David, the young shepherd, & Goliath, the Philistine warrior, is well known.  Taking a break from shepherding & transporting provisions to his older brothers on the from lines of the Israelite army facing the Philistine army, David heard to the bully Goliath challenge the Israelite army.  As shepherd David had fended off lions & bears from plundering the flocks & now David was inspired to fend off Goliath who was plundering the people of God.  When provided by King Saul the traditional armament of shield, sword, coat of mail, & helmet, David was unable to move.  He went forward to meet Goliath with what he knew, a sling & a smooth pebble from the stream.  The impact of the pebble on the forehead of Goliath ended the bully’s threat.

While others trembled at the sight of Goliath, including his older brothers, David found his voice & his place in God’s work, in proclaiming “that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel”, and God was with him.

On our journey of life, there may appear from time to time, a lion or a bear, or even a bully like Goliath.  May we have the faith to meet the challenge & to proclaim by example that there is a God in our midst, & move forward with the Mission of God in our time.

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