Joseph, Son of Jacob

The youngest of twelve, favorite of his father, Jacob, his brothers conspired to get rid of Joseph. At first they wanted to kill him, but for 20 pieces of silver, they sold him into slavery. Taken to Egypt, sold to PotiFar, captian of the Pharoah’s guard, he came to the notice of the Pharouh. Interpreting a dream of Pharoh’s about the upcomming drought of seven years.

When Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to purchase grain, though they did not recognize him, Joseph immediately recognized his brothers. Face to face, he embraced them, wept over them, and invited them to come to Egypt with all their families.

Joseph always felt loved by God. That love sustained him when despised by his brothers, when sold into slavery, when serving in a foreign land. Drawing on God’s love, Joseph was enabled to embrace his brothers despite their hatred. It is a story of God’s love, poured in Joseph’s heart, that enabled him to withstand the darkness of life. God’s love overcame darkness.

God’s love is poured into our hearts every Sunday through the gifts of bread and wine, the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. With the love of God within us, we are empowered to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, to bless those who curse us. (Luke 6: 27-38)

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