Physical infrastructure binds us together as a community.  Roads, bridges, railroads, airports, & harbors, are all outward & visible signs of an infrastructures health.

Spiritual infrastructure is more difficult to see & to evaluate.  Yet, as the people of God, the spiritual health of our planet is our ministry.  The priesthood of all encourage us each to use our particular gifts & talents to strengthen the connections between God & all of God’s creation.

As we approach Holy Week, we are reminded that Jesus proclaimed “…when I am lifted up from the earth (referring both to his execution & to his resurrection), I will draw all people to myself.” John 12:32

As Jesus spent himself embracing the world with his love, so too are we to embrace the world with our love.  Again, from the gospel according to St. John.  “When I am, there will my servants be also.” John 12: 26a

So, our leadership is grounded in our day to day living be an embracing, loving heart.  With our hearts leadership we enter into service & God is with us step by step by step.

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