In the Midst of Chaos

The story of the Exodus is one of the greatest of our faith history.  The Hebrew slaves, guided by God and lead by Moses, walked through the sea of reeds on dry ground.  The pursuing Egyptian chariots got bogged down when they wind shifted and the tempestuous sea returned.  The sea, like in the genesis story of creation, is chaotic, as recent hurricanes clearly demonstrate.  In the Exodus event, the winds uncovering the dry seabed provided a pathway to freedom through the chaos of the sea.  In the forty years of wilderness wondering the Hebrew tribes were transformed by God into the People of God, the People of Israel, the people on mission for the purpose of being a royal priesthood – connecting heaven and earth.  We are part of the mission as we state in the Lord’s Prayer – “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

In our current day, when it sometimes seems that the chaos swirling all around may drown us, we need to reaffirm that we are the People of God, called to walk on the solid dry ground of our faith, guided by God, with the purpose of leading others through troubled times.

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