Sunday Morning Service

The Book of Common Prayer is at the heart of worship on Sunday mornings. Services will start with a prelude, welcome and announcements. A sermon by Reverend Canon Paul C. Donecker follows with readings, prayers, and hymns. We finish with Communion and dismissal. The service generally last about an hour and fifteen minutes. Stick around for the informal coffee hour afterwards.
Come every second Sunday of the month at 6 PM for music and meditation.

Please come and worship with us

New Visitor?

Not sure what to expect? Well first of all, welcome to the House of God! We realize that you may need to know more to feel comfortable visiting All Saints for the first time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 570-374-8289 for more information.

  • The Book of Common Prayer is at the heart of worship on Sunday mornings. Typical services will mix readings, prayers, hymns, a sermon and Communion. It generally lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes and is followed by an informal hospitality or coffee hour.
  • When to sit, stand or kneel? Just like anything else new in life, our services may seem a little confusing at first. It won’t take long though and you will get the hang of it.
  • Childcare is provided as needed. We do have the facilities and plan on providing a more comprehensive children’s  ministry as our church grows.
  • What to wear? We have some that come in dressed in their suits, ties and sunday hats and others that come in wearing their blue jeans and sweaters. Wear what is comfortable for you, just please be respectful of the House of God and fellow worshipers.

Please know that we are very glad to see you at All Saints!