“Heart Memory”

To be a “professional grade” athlete takes years of training, years of practicing, in order to develop “muscle memory”.  In game situations, almost without thinking, “muscle memory” takes over to perform the required tasks.

The same is true for “heart memory”, for a life of faithful behavior.  Andrew, Philip, Peter, and Nathaniel were invited by Jesus to “come and see”, to experience living in community with Jesus.  With the other disciples, they lived with him for three years, developing and training their “heart memory”.  Maturing in faith, their hearts beat in sync with the heart of God.  So, too, is our goal, to have our hearts beat with the heart of God.  We say our prayers, we read our Bibles, we receive the sacraments, we worship in community, we do acts of mercy as we journey with God.  These training methods serve to correct our getting out of sync from time to time.

When our hearts are in sync with God’s heart, we will truly know “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding”.

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