God’s Extending Touch

In the 4th century, Emperor Constantine called the leadership of the still very young church to gather in Nicea, Turkey.  He instructed them to develop a statement of belief, a creed.  What they developed is the Nicea Creed that we re-state most Sunday’s as a key part of our worship.  The Nicea creed connects us to those very ancient days.

In the Nicene Creed, the leadership expressed how they experienced God, through the Father (creator), through the Son (Jesus Christ), and through the Spirit that blows through our lives and stirs our hearts.  These are the three primary ways God continues to touch our lives with a sense of awe.  There is the awesomeness of nature; there is the awesomeness of the life of Jesus, God in the flesh; there is the awesomeness of love.

I believe God is equally present in all the persons in our world today, yet each one is touched in unique ways, some more accessible through God, the creator, some more accessible through Jesus, the Redeemer, some more accessible through the Spirit, the Sustainer.

God;s extending reach continues to seek us out this day and into eternity.



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