Full Speed Ahead, Damn the Torpedoes

On the 5th of August, 1964, the battle of Mobile Bay Alabama was fought. Mobile Bay was the last Confederate port open in the Gulf of Mexico. The entrance to the bay had been narrowed by mines (torpedoes) and was protected by three forts and numerous warships. Admiral Farragut was the commander of the Union navy. Early in the battle the monitor Tecumseh hit a mine (torpedo) and sank. The air on the flagship, Hartford, was so thick with smoke that the visibility was poor. Admiral Farragut climbed into the rigging high above the deck to see above the gunpowder haze and was tied in place, so violent was the shaking of the vessel. When the battle was furious, he commanded:

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

In our current day, there are plenty of mines (torpedoes) in our path. Using the Prayer of St. Frances as our guide – there is plenty of hatred, injury, discord, doubt, darkness, and sadness. Yet we, the people of faith, are called to sow love, pardon, union, faith, light, and joy.

May we, like Admiral Farragut, proceed with our mission, the mission of Jesus Christ, full speed ahead without concern for the dangers that confront us.

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