February 10, 2019 – Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner

You are cordially invited to our ‘Second Sunday at Six’ program:

Date:  February 10, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: All Saints Episcopal Church

           129 North Market Street

           Selinsgrove, PA 17870


Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner is a Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Motivational Speaker and Educator,  “Kj” certainly has some stories and songs to share. At the age of 12, she received her first guitar from her parents, originally meant for Kj and her two sisters. The once-shy Kj, could then begin writing songs that year, celebrating the birth of puppies, honoring neighbors and friends and then later battling the natural blues of teenage love-losses through guitar therapy shortly after. As she matured, songs spoke of life opportunities, of land conservation ideas, overcoming physical challenges by others (spokesperson through song for Cancer and RSD), as well the stories of fine people who have filled her travel schedule with “home-like” situations throughout the years.  She’s enjoyed the hundreds of festivals, conferences, camps and numerous other venues where she’s been featured throughout the years.

Besides entertaining at these venues, Kj is honored to be chosen as keynote speaker/ singer for positive message conferences and audiences. She also oftentimes has been selected to mentor school students in teaching some basics of education through music and movement and has been chosen as a trainer and speaker for educational conferences.  She provides assemblies and workshops for school-age elementary and secondary education young people on subjects such as anti-bullying or “friending,” healthy eating and exercise and much more.  In recent years, Kj has also begun songwriting sessions in schools throughout the US and UK to encourage young people to safely vent and be inspired by the world’s events in a constructive way. Kj also continues to go into hospitals to play at the bedside of those requesting more soul-filled care.

Although her six and twelve-string guitars remain her main accompaniment in her shows, you’ll often see Kj toting her 5-string banjo, mandolin, lap dulcimer, autoharp, keyboard or djembe drum for songs best written and performed on these instruments. Kj also shines with a cappella songs felt with heart and soul.

Now promoting eight CD projects in hand, Kj has four adult-themed projects… “PonyTales,” “Dreaming Inside Her Mind,” “Proud to be a Farmer” and her most recent project with Brian Kalinec, “Kalinec & Kj” … and also features family CDS “Simply Kids,” “Agriculture is a BIG Word,” and “Farms, Food & FUN!” . Her previous band, “Sweetwater Reunion,” produced a CD entitled “Oliver’s Quiet,” available for purchase yet today. And there are many other of Kj’s singles on i-Tunes.

Although she oftentimes performs solo, Kj has also been joined by her Pennsylvania-based bandmates, Joey DeCristopher and Henry Koretzky for the  “Sweet Nothings” band for more than twenty years. And she performs several times each year with the pop band, “Kj & the FUNshine Band” with bandmates Tim Latshaw and Sean Madden and more nationally has teamed with award-winning singer-songwriter, Brian Kalinec of Texas to form the “Kalinec & Kj” duo in performing at many conferences.

In recent years, Kj has had the privilege of working with former John Denver bandmate, Steve Weisberg, as part of Ted Vigil’s tribute to John Denver…playing many shows throughout the United States. With Steve’s recent passing, the music of both John and Steve remain dear to Kj. She returns to Aspen as often as possible to join others in celebrating this kindred music and currently plays many shows each year with  another John Denver tribute band, Starwood.

Never one to be complacent, Kj has also begun recording a Celtic-style CD of her Scottish and Irish favorites. A few of her previous CDs have already touched on this style of singing. Although her schedule has not permitted it recently, Kj’s “home away from home” is in Perthshire, Central Scotland where she hopes to tour again soon. Several of her songs were written in that beautiful landscape.

A Christmas project is also underway, as a request from her followers, and will be released in time for Christmas 2018.

“I feel so fortunate to do what I love for a living and to experience the gracious and fascinating people of ages I have come to know by choosing this life. There are so many songs yet to be written and sung together!”

You can search more about Kj online by typing “Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner” or check out her website for more at www.kjsmile.com.

(Note: Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner’s name is pronounced “KAY Jay REE-men-SNY-der-WAG-ner” )

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