Fall 2017 – Wednesday Morning Bible Study

The Abrahamic Tradition

As we make our way through the Bible we encounter many stories of people who were convinced that they had special roles to play in the fulfillment of God’s purpose for mankind.  Jacob and Moses are examples of such people in the Old Testament — Mary and Paul in the New Testament.  This fall we are studying a group of stories that are part of the “Abrahamic Tradition.”  In these stories Abraham is presented as a man who believed that his personal journey through life was directly related to the unfolding of God’s plan to enable all the families of the earth to obtain His blessing.

You are invited to be part of these weekly discussions as we gather to consider the meaning of these ancient stories for our own lives.  The Bible Study Group meets in the parish library every Wednesday morning at 10:30. Consider making this class part of your life.

September 6:        Session One                   Abraham sets out on his journey

Genesis 11:27 – 12:32

September 13:      Session Two                  The “Wandering Aramean”

Genesis 12:1-9

September 20:      Session Three               Abraham and Sarah in Egypt

Genesis 12: 10-20

September 27:      Session Four                Abraham Settles by the Oaks of Mamre

Genesis 13: 1-18

October 4:             Session Five                  The “Abrahamic Covenant”

Genesis 17: 1-27

October 11:          Session Six                      Encounter with Three Mysterious Travelers

Genesis 18: 1-19

October 18:          Session Seven                The Amazing Gift of a Son

Genesis 21: 1-21

October 25:          Session Eight                “The Lord Will Provide”

Genesis 22: 1-19

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