COVID Procedures, starting 22 November 2020

Dear Friends,

     Due to the increasing severity of the pandemic in Central Pennsylvania and the concern for our parishes, the Rt. Rev. Audrey C. Scanlan, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, with the advice of the Diocesan Standing Committee, has decided it is necessary to suspend all in person parish worship.  This decision will be reviewed, region by region, in the future.  This status is expected to remain in place at least through the end of December.  Planning for Christmas Eve has just begun.

     However, while we will be unable to worship together, we will be able to worship with the sacrament in our home following the “Communion Under Special Circumstances” provision.  This is the service I have celebrated throughout my priesthood for people in the hospital or retirement community or confined to their home.  The sacrament is reserved, having been consecrated during a Sunday parish celebration.

     With the approval of the Vestry of All Saints on Wednesday, 18 November, this service will be offered for all beginning this Sunday, 22 November.  I hope to see you all between 9:30am and 10:30am, although very briefly, continuing your faithful journey of faith in this new way during these challenging times.

                                                                   Rejoice and Be Safe,


COVID Procedures, starting 22 November 2020

  1. 9:00am (sanctuary)
    1. -Celebration of Holy Communion, Rite II, Great Thanksgiving (consecrating priest’s hosts in sealed packages) with priest plus one.
  2. 9:30am-10:30am (parish entryway hall) All are welcome
    1. Entryway check-in with sign in and temperature check
    1. Hallway greeter with gift bags for each individual or family, which includes the following:
      1. Sunday bulletin
      1. Collect and Lesson insert
      1. Prayers of the People insert
      1. Sermon insert
      1. Communion Under Special Circumstances Service insert
      1. Sealed Priest’s Host Communion
  3. 9:30am-10:30am Musician will be playing hymns and other music
  4. Participants may briefly be seated before proceeding home with their gift bags to worship.
  5. For participants not able to be present, a gift bag may be dropped off at their residence with prior arrangement and notification of the priest.

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