Conversation and Hospitality

The story of Abraham’s servant sent off to search for a wife for his son, Isaac, is a wonderful story from the book of Genesis.

The thirsty servant engages in conversation with a young woman at the well.  With a jar on her shoulder, she offers the stranger a drink and offers to water his entire entourage, including the camels!

The entire entourage is then offered Middle Eastern hospitality-they are invited to dine and rest at the young girl’s family encampment.

The episode of the story ends with the servant inviting the young woman, Rebecca, to return with him to Jacobs household to wed Isaac.

Conversation and hospitality are preludes to trust, Rebecca and her family entrusting their daughter to a stranger.

Conversation and hospitality are still preludes to trust in our day and age.  Rebecca and her family and reception of one from a foreign land still shines as a beacon of hope today.



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