Community Connections

A community has always been an important building block for all human society.  We now have so many ways to stay connected – email, facebook, twitter, facetime on our smartphones and computer screens.  Of course, the more traditional means of a letter and phone calls are still available.  Our connections enhance our sense of belonging and our sense of security.

The old testament prophet Jeremiah wrote of a deeper connectivity, he wrote of “a righteous branch to spring up” from God.  The gospel according to St. John also noted Jesus talking about how he is the vine and we are the branches and encouraged us to abide in him as he abides in us.  As we connect to the vine of Jesus, as we abide in him and he abides in us, we are connected to things external even while continuing to live lives planted on planet earth.  Grafted onto his vine, we can participate in the reign of God here and now.

The deep joy of eternal life can be ours today and all the days to come as we are connected to the source of eternal life and remain safe and secure, even among the turmoil of life.

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